Future Technology For Timber Build Solutions


What is the zero carbon timber living solution for Wales? This article proposes a number of  timber build solutions for an independent Wales. The information provided relates to the viability of constructing new homes out of wood in places where traditional building methods are unsuitable, and the benefits of using low-tech sustainable building materials in an independent country like Wales. Many people have turned away from the thought of building new homes in an independent country due to the inefficiency, lack of planning and the high costs associated with traditional building methods.
An independent Wales has been spoken about in some depth by environmental and social leaders including the former environment secretary Mark Higginson MP who recently visited the country to promote the building of low-tech eco-friendly homes. Amongst much of the information given by Mr Higginson at his visit, one of the key messages was the need for more flexible building techniques that use sustainable timber as a material for new houses. Timber build solutions strategy for an independent Wales should use more efficient and low-tech machinery in order to provide a high quality building which creates a positive impact on local communities. This is particularly important if building a new home is to be set in an area where there is little or no infrastructure in place to support infrastructure such as roads, waste services and so forth.
One of the main recommendations from Mr Higginson was encouraging the development of low-tech machinery in order to speed up the construction process of certain types of timber buildings. In this respect many environmental groups have welcomed Mr Higginson's call for more research into the use of machinery in the building of low-tech houses. The main problem is that very few timber frames currently meet the requirements needed for high quality modern house plans, and in many cases these frames would need to be replaced. However, this information is likely to spur a renewed interest in the use of timber as a building material in the construction of houses for the future.
The other recommendations from Mr Higginson focused on using passive solar design as a means of making buildings more energy efficient. He said that this type of design would work well for ensuring that houses for example in remote areas would be suitable for people who wished to live off the grid. " passively solar designs will save you significant amounts of electricity by capturing renewable energy from the sun and utilising it for domestic purposes," he said. "The advantages are clear, we need to move away from fossil fuels and develop low-tech infrastructure to build houses on sustainable foundations." Passive solar house plans are now becoming more popular as the need to fuel our modern lifestyle becomes more pressing.
The other major recommendation was for the use of solid timber as the raw material for new house plans. Mr Higginson said that the low tech alternative to using wood as a building material "will not have the same effect as a timber frame, but will work extremely well. The benefit is that using timber you will have a much lower carbon footprint." However it is important to note that this technology is still at an early stage and Mr Higginson recommended that it should be considered as an option only for small projects, such as kitchens and bedrooms. He concluded that the technology "isn't quite there" and that it is likely to be decades before it is widely available for larger developments. Read more here about timber build solutions.
Technology is always changing and advancing and Mr Higginson was able to illustrate how timber frames are already being used in new housing developments. "We can look forward to a future where timber is not just a building material, it can be an important part of how we live." He added that timber construction is a "recession-proof" industry and that the downturn will not affect its growth in the near future. It is projected to grow steadily over the coming years. Find out more details in relation to this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framing_(construction).
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